Have you ever had the experience of transforming a project and it turned out that your life was being transformed at the same time?

John had been waiting years and years to remodel his kitchen and then he went for it. "Just Do It", like Nike's motto.

We totally gutted the kitchen as this was a full kitchen remodel transformation experience. New plumbing, new wiring, new insulation, sheetrock, etc.

John was fun to work with as he had a great eye in picking out his warm color ensembles which made this kitchen environment welcoming. John chose natural oak cabinets, we built our custom countertops using high definition Formica accenting them with a mosiac tile and marble chair rail backsplash, mocha tile flooring, two tone paint, custom crown moulding, recessed lighting, and under cabinet lighting.

This was a happy and rewarding team project. I think we all walked away positively transformed from the experience; especially John as he on numerous occasions clicked his heels together with a smile on his face. Thanks John!

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Posted On: 05/17/2015
It was such a pleasure working with Janet. She had a vision to remodel her kitchen and turn it into a work of art. Her vision of copper, high definition laminate and metallic custom counter-tops with matching backsplash, rustic cabinets, complimentary fixtures, and earthy tile flooring brought together a gourmet invitation for friends and family to gather and make fun memories.

This was definitely a rewarding kitchen remodel experience. Thank you Janet.

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Posted On: 11/27/2014
We had the privilege to build a craps table for a resident in Fullerton, California. We wanted to design
a professional grade table that would really make a player feel like they were in Las Vegas. Since our
customer didn't have room for a full-size regulation table, we designed a table that was scaled down to
8ft that would fit in their game room. We made sure to incorporate all the detailed features that give
players that "Vegas" feeling. These features included custom chip tray's, money box, bill plunger, drink
shelves, custom vinyl arm rests, and trim throughout the table. Quality aged pine was used to give the
table a vintage look.

We worked directly with an incredible artist based out of Long Beach. He designed a custom themed
craps layout that really put the finishing touches on the table. We had this design printed on synthetic
polyester felt that is water and fire resistant in order to protect it from the elements.

We are happy to have worked with such talented team to create this table. It was great to see our
customers reaction when they threw the dice for the very first time. It was a fun project for everyone
involved and we can't wait for our next one!

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Posted On: 01/07/2013
John and Judy own a cabin with beautiful views of the Schell Creek Mountains. They wanted us to design and build a covered porch over their existing deck. We also upgraded the insulation in the attic to a R-value of 39. While we were at it we replaced the fascia and soffit and covered the roof with a 30 year architectural shingle.

Luke our lead tech designed a multi-angled porch which matched the exiting hip roof pitch. The intent of this plan was to make the porch look as if it was built as part of the original structure of the home. We believe this task was accomplished successfully. The inside ceiling was finished using plywood trimmed with cedar and pine.

Three layers of asphalt shingles had to be stripped from the roof so we could apply new felt underlayment and a 30 year asphalt architectural shingle. We used Tamko 30 Heritage Shingles which complies with ASTM D 3462. Color: Mountain Slate.

The soffit and fascia needed to be badly replaced. The eaves were reinforced with 2x6 lumber and new 2x8 fascia was installed for a bolder look. We then installed the aluminum fascia, vented soffit, gutters, and downspouts. Manufacturer: Mastic. Color: Russet Red.

The Kusler's were very happy with the end product and from a contractor's standpoint the project was very rewarding as we enjoy the opportunity to build these types of complex structures and work in a park like environment with great views.

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Posted On: 05/23/2012
We had a fabulous experience in Fullerton, California. Our team was contracted to do a kitchen remodel in Amerige Heights. The home was previously used as a rental property and was in need of attention.

The dijon colored carpet in the dining area and den along with the tile in the kitchen was removed and replaced with 20” x 20” beige porcelain tiles and filled with ivory colored grout.

The dijon colored walls were repainted with a 15 year satin paint; color Woodrow Wilson Putty and the base trim was painted with high gloss Du Jour White.

We removed the out-dated 4” x 4” white tile countertops and backsplash. Our lead technician built custom counter-tops using an etched finish Jamocha Granite Formica laminate. The edges of the countertop were beveled with red oak to match the cabinets. To set the countertops off the back-splash was trimmed with beige porcelain tile along with a gunmetal porcelain chair rail.

For finishing touches the new double acrylic top mount sink and brushed nickel pull down faucet fixture made the kitchen “POP”.

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Posted On: 11/20/2011
Susan and her Dachshund, Becky, recently purchased a home in McGill, Nevada that needed some remodeling. Susan contacted K L Builders through our website and explained her dilemma. The previous owners constructed a stairwell in the main bedroom to access the basement. The stairwell not only rendered the bedroom useless but also compromised the structural integrity of the floor. Our structural experience allowed us to do necessary repairs and bring the bedroom back to full use.

Susan was a joy to work with and she had an eye for color and decorating. She picked three colors for her bedroom that reflected peace and tranquility. We used Ace® Royal® Premium Paint and painted her bedroom ceiling - Oak Bay, the bedroom walls - Peace River, and the new wainscot and trim - Casual White. Susan chose to have the floor covered with Tarkett® Escapade Glueless Laminate Planks; Color: Williston Birch Sweet. When it all came together the room had a coastal feel of a B&B at Martha's Vineyard. Great vision Susan!

Special thanks to Susan, Becky, and their family: Dusty, Karen, Kaylen, Kayleen, and cats, Jester, Soda, and Link for inviting us to the tastiest best darn BBQ this side of the Schell Creek Mountains. The helpful hardware team at Bath Lumber in Ely did a great job supplying us with the materials for this project.

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Posted On: 08/02/2011
K L Builders had the opportunity this spring to provide our Help-U-Remodel service to some of the nicest people in McGill, Nevada. Dan, Elesa, Boots, & Cracker Jack decided they wanted a new kitchen and we had the privilege to help them with their remodel. Luke our lead tech said, "their help truly made this a fun project". Thanks to our partners the job was a success.

Kevin Fawcett - Bath Lumber, Ely, NV: for providing expertise in design and layout, and materials for the project. "Ace is the place with the helpful hardware man."

RGA Plumbing, McGill, NV: for providing plumbing upgrades.

Hunt Electric, Ely, NV: for providing electrical upgrades.

Special thanks to Dan and Elesa's family for their input and support.

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Posted On: 05/02/2011
In 2010, we managed a large remodeling project on a military base in California. After completion, we were given the highest rating possible due to our quality of work.

We have designed and are building a 1120 square foot mountain retreat that is powered by passive, wind, and solar energy in Nevada.

This spring we are building an extensive remodel on a historic Victorian home that was originally built in 1907.

We are also doing an extensive commercial remodel of a loft/store front property in downtown Ely, Nevada.

Posted On: 02/08/2011